Craig Peterson

Craig specializes in photographing people and events. He's been photographing local high school plays and other events for more than 15 years. In recent years, he has become known and popular locally for photographing choral groups, choirs, highschool plays, weddings, conventions, and other commercial events. In the last couple years, portraits have become a new area of focus including modeling portfolios, senior portraits, corporate portraits, and musical director portraits.

Craig is active with both the PDX Strobists group (a group specializing in creative off-camera flash-based photography) and the PDX/Vancouver Photography meetup group.

Craig is also a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and has studied under some of the top photographers in the country. He is also a member of NAPP (National Association of Photographer Professionals.

You can see his new Westtech Photography website at:

More recently he's been doing photo painting as well. That's where you take a photograph and then using it as a reference to create a digital painting. Then he manually applies brushed texturing to the surface and possibly acrylic paint to key highlight areas. Styles can range from conservative traditional styles to more higly abstract and expressionistic. Check out some of the sample paintings at:

Craig has artistic talents that span a wide range from photography, stained glass, water color, wood and metal working, to landscaping and architectural design. You can see his designed studio at He is also technically proficient with a wide range of photographic and other media technology which he uses to create unique works of art for his clients that standout above the rest. He also creates animoto slideshow videos for selected clients. Examples can be seen at:

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